Hair comes as natural to me as breathing and you can say that it’s part of my DNA, since I have come from several generations of artists. Oddly enough, both my grandmother and great grandmother were cosmetologists. I never actually had an interest in hair and beauty until my early 20’s. Though I didn’t pursue cosmetology until my twenties, I have always admired a stylist’s ability to be artsy, trendy, skillful, and cutting edge in their style. I’m LaRita Francois (The Empress Of Hair) and Owner of Royal Treats Beauty Lounge since 2014. I have been an artistic creator of hairstyling for over 15 years. In 2002, I discovered my career path and graduated from beauty school. Shortly after, I received my license from the Florida State Board of Cosmetology and my life has been forever changed. This passion of mine, has created so much stability and growth in my life, which has transformed me into a professional business woman. I have been mentored by and worked closely with a number of talented stylists from all across the globe. In an effort to enhance my craft in this ever changing market, I was fortunate to be trained by Redken certified trainers, as well as, other top industry professionals, on all of the upcoming and current haircutting, coloring, and styling trends. I am a bonafide hair artist, who enjoys the creative side of transforming my clients’ looks. I have been certified through various hair companies and I stay current on all the latest techniques. I am a lover of healthy hair and it is my top priority that I implement these values in my services with all my guests. From the start of my career, the importance of maintaining healthy hair has been one of the many virtues instilled in me, and I look forward to passing on this torch to others as I reach my full stature as an artist and leader. In June of 2017 I founded “Business Beyond Beauty,” which was birthed out of my experience hiring and working with stylists at different phases of their career. There are so many talented beauty professionals that are struggling financially and personally because they have lacked the essential tools that are needed to succeed. I have taken all that I have learned from being a stylist and a business woman and helped others professionally and personally to get a grasp on organizing their future path. With all that I have done, I can say that I am still a student, always ready to learn and share with others.